Branding & Signage


With over 60 pharmacy locations around South Australia, Chemplus is the state’s largest independently owned pharmacy group. Its previous brand image was lacking distinction and research found that there was confusion between two similarly named and similarly branded competitors.

Our recommendation was to take ownership of the colour space that was not currently occupied within the market—bright green. A legacy from their original brand, this bright green was extended through in-store signage, sales collateral and on store frontages to clearly identify a Chemplus store within a mall or a streetscape.

The logotype is based on a customised typeface and sits within a redrawn ellipse for the interim phase of the rebrand. Signage and printed collateral makes use of a simple but classic sans-serif typeface, on the bright green to create a striking yet easy to read information structure within each store. Major category icons were illustrated to compliment the type selection.