Branding, Signage & Digital


Intersect is a coworking space aimed at high end corporate businesses and individuals with established reputations.

We worked with the directors of Intersect from the beginning to establish a name, brand strategy and visual identity, and the design and development of a member’s website with a room booking function. The core idea behind the Intersect brand is the connection of independent networks, which is conveyed in the logo and brand positioning.

The visual identity is built using a dynamic adjunct to the constant nameplate. These network ‘constellations’ change in size and position depending on the format. They are also used independently in applications such as signage and meeting room artwork.

  • AGDA Finalist Award, Australian Graphic Design Association 2016

“sector7g was instrumental in capturing the essence of what the Intersect brand is. Via their unique process they were able to draw out and summarise the brand story to communicate what we are, and as we move forward will help us deliver on our key points of difference and competitive advantage.”

John Hood
Director & Founder