An essential aspect of the creative and production processes is the collaboration and dynamics within the studio. We are a small but nimble team with complimentary skills that enable us to produce a high calibre of work across a broad range of projects.

Nic Eldridge

Owner / Creative Director

Nic Eldridge holds considerable experience relating to corporate identity and brand management. He has worked closely with clients to design and implement corporate identity systems and develop long term brand strategies for their organisations. Over the past twenty years he has built a strong reputation for providing highly effective strategic advice to the professional services sector.

Nic has also delivered projects in multiple disciplines; graphic design, product design, environmental graphics, clothing & accessory design, interior design, furniture design, typography, illustration & photography; both internationally and locally.

He is the current CEO of the Australian Graphic Design Association and has been an occasional lecturer in Information Typography at UniSA. Nic is an active member of Australian Graphic Design Association, Design Institute of Australia, and the New York Type Directors Club.

Hannah Eldridge

Owner / General Manager

With over 15 years experience in the industry, Hannah has worked in multiple disciplines, including brand strategy, retail communication, illustration, graphic and digital design.

She has had the opportunity to work with one of the most influential global brands in Nike, to local start-ups. With experience in large-scale retail graphics and branding systems, as well having a broad experience across the Corporate, Finance, Health and Arts industries.

Combining design skills with studio management, the role allows Hannah to utilise both her creativity and organisational skills, ensuring not only that things get done, but that they are done in the most efficient manner.

She is a mother to a tribe of three, wife to Nic, an enthusiastic runner and a cracking kid’s birthday cake maker.

Nathan Adams

Senior Designer

Nathan has over a decade of experience in branding and web design, with a process driven approach to finding strong and appropriate solutions.

With a knowledge of both traditional graphic design and web development, Nathan is able to bridge the gap between the two disciplines, ensuring consistent expression of a brand across all applications.

Nathan has been working at sector7g for over seven years and has built a strong reputation for well-considered and highly functional design.

He spends what time remains of his day reliving the golden era of shoegaze, and planning impractical things to cast from concrete to the despair of his wife and son.