Strategy, Visual Identity & Website


Madderns are a highly skilled intellectual property firm that aims to be the best in its industry. We worked with them to develop a brand strategy and design a visual identity that was centred around the notion of ideas being the essence of the IP industry. Ideas that can be patented, trademarked and protected are the fundamental commodity of the business.

The ability to capture an idea in a manner that describes the process, product or technology is a core component of managing intellectual property. In fact, part of the training of a patent attorney involves describing a paper clip without using visual aids. This led us to the solution of a monogram design reminiscent of an unfolded paper clip.

The non-literal, visual style also alludes to blueprints, plans, diagrams and artwork, and provides a strong correlation between Madderns visual identity and the work that the firm does. A customised typeface was developed to reinforce the technical visual style.

The brand positioning was developed to convey that people with great ideas come to the firm, both as clients and as employees; Great ideas come to Madderns.