Coinciding with the 20th anniversary and re-issue of Going Blank Again, we worked with one of our all-time favourite bands, shoegazing legends Ride, to design and build their new website.

Reflecting our interpretation of the band’s music, ‘moments of clarity appear through the bombardment of sound’, the user is presented with a layered wall of content. Seemingly chaotic, individual elements get pulled to the fore and an underlying structure is revealed.

We provided a way of managing and displaying Ride’s full back catalogue, including regional variations and re-releases, for all the completists; an archive of photos, video and press scans; a news archive which highlighted what the band was doing 20 years ago to the day; and a fans section, where fans could submit their own photos, scans and stories to be displayed alongside the band’s own archive.

  • AGDA Finalist Award, Australian Design Biennale 2012