Recently, I was asked by a client to clarify the benefits of changing their company’s visual identity. I took this as a challenge to answer without using the typical industry jargon that they would likely to have already heard.

My answer was that they needed to become “Not Lost”.

While ‘found’ is the antonym of ‘lost’, being Not Lost is not the same as being found. While this may sound a bit like Douglas Adams’ ‘knack of flying’, it is actually a sound idea. Being Not Lost implies deliberate and constant effort into being seen and heard. Not just an accident of luck.

When you are Not Lost, you are; highly visible and followed by many; have a rare focus on where you are going and have a clear understanding of the best way to get there. Not Lost is a constant state of being in view and of having others aware of who you are and what you stand for.

To take this a step further, for brands the ultimate goal is to be Not Lost. A wine label needs to be Not Lost on the shelves of the bottle shop, a company needs to be Not Lost in search results for their services, a shop sign needs to be Not Lost amongst the other signage and advertising in its vicinity. You could say that branding and marketing is all about becoming Not Lost in the market place.

We help our clients develop campaigns that enable them to be Not Lost. Through a considered process and distinctive graphic design and image making, we enhance the visibility of brands and make them stick in the mind of the consumer.

How do you ensure that your brand is Not Lost?